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The Official Free & Open Source Unity3D Admob plugin for IOS and Android


One advantage of Unity3D is its large user group. Many 3rd party service providers will take this into consideration, even Google.

In the past, developers have 3 choices to integrate Admob into games :

  1. Write your own plugin.
  2. Find free plugins.
  3. Buy a plugin.

Now, Google gave us a new option :

Google’s official Unity3D Admob plugin.

I found this plugin by chance, and it turns out very useful. You can download it from Google Mobile Dev’s Google Code page, I think that’s the reason why not many people know it:-).

Following the step by step instruction in README I have tried the IOS plugin. Though I met some compiling and runtime errors, it worked at the end. Below are my tips :

  1. Download the Google AdMob IOS SDK, and copy all files except the “Add-ons" folder into your Unity project folder "Assets/Plugins/IOS”.
  2. Add IOS development framework “StoreKit" "MessageUI" "AdSupport" in Xcode.
  3. Add “-ObjC" to the Other Linker Flags of target build setting in Xcode.

You can find more details in Google Mobile Ads SDK Introduction page.

I’m sure the Android plugin should works as well, even better, because they all from the same company :-)